Income Generation

inIncome Generation

Jummai Aduda Organization has been in the fore front of supporting income generation activities aimed at achieving MDGs including: eradication of extreme poverty and hunger, promote gender equality and empowering women and ensuring environmental sustainability.

Empowering Grassroots Women Abuja Grassroots Association

Women in the rural areas face challenges ranging from poor farming methods, low literacy levels, lack of entrepreneurial skills, and inadequate access to microcredit facility, to limited markets and marketing skills. These translate into low level of empowerment for the indigent women living in the rural areas.

JAO has over time implemented initiatives to provide entrepreneur, vocational, marketing and financial management skills to indigent women and women groups/grassroots associations in the rural communities.

Abuja Widows Association

Proactively evolve focused and sustainable approaches to improving the living standards and conditions of widows amongst us through skills acquisitions, establishment of effective co-operative associations and economic empowerment to promote sustainable small scale enterprises.

Graduate Empowerment Scheme

JAO will strengthen efforts to reduce the unemployment burden in the FCT especially amongst indigent population. This will be actualized by implementing innovative initiatives aimed at empowering young graduates on leadership, mentoring, employability and entrepreneurial skills in the Area Councils within the FCT.