Children with disabilities in Nigeria have suffered greatly due to the lack of adequate healthcare facilities in the country and cultural beliefs. This calls for an urgent need not only to sensitize the public on proper healthcare approaches, but also to create an avenue through which children with such disabilities can be cared for in the best possible ways.

Jummai Aduda Organization (JAO) and the Brain and Body Foundation (BBF) are partnering on a project aimed at improving the quality of health for children suffering from brain challenges/injuries. This project which will run for a period of one year and will aim to:

1. Significantly enhance the quality of life (50% or greater) of over 20 children suffering from brain disorders in the FCT region.
2. Increase access to treatment for children with lifelong disabilities
3. Enhance our understanding of how the brain recovers and heals itself.
4. Establish some basic protocols for other healthcare professionals to follow in managing related cases.
5. Provide the bases for a more intelligent approach to enhancing the understanding and practice of brain health principles in Nigeria.

How will we achieve this?

• Working in partnership with pediatricians in government hospitals in Abuja to select five to seven children from each of three facilities for therapy. Baseline tests and parameters will be taken, and children will be treated and monitored (by these pediatricians) over a one year period. After this period, a review will be made, and children assessed.

• Public Enlightenment:
a. Organize orientation seminars in government hospitals in the FCT
b. Raise awareness through radio shows: The organization will launch a radio show entitled: Your Brain, Your Body, and YOU to raise awareness of the reality, signs, symptoms which will be translated in local dialect
c. Seek to partner with TV station to produce brain based programming.

How Can I Contribute?

Currently, there are three ways organizations can help:

1. Allocate a specific sum to be deposited on regular intervals into the organization’s account
2. Arrange for the purchase the supplements directly from the manufacturers
3. “Adopt” a child (or a specified number of children) for three to six months.